The Journey Begins

My name is Joe and I am the father of two grown sons and the grandfather to the light of my life, Parker. My dad was an aircraft mechanic and hardworking carpenter. My love for creating pieces with my hands came at a young age when I would go on carpenter jobs with my dad. After he retired, he expanded his skills into specialty woodworking. When he became ill and was unable to work, he passed his tools down to me. it was then that I decided to keep his legacy alive by creating a business. 

I begin my journey with making shadow boxes, cutting/cheese/bread boards for close friends and family.  After that I branched out with personal items such as jewelry boxes and furniture.  I have made a wide range of furniture items from tables, stepstools, kitchen helper stands for the little ones to king size bed frames. With my family's unwavering encouragement and friends raving reviews, I decided to start sharing my passion for woodworking with others. And so, I bring to you, the start of DiGiorgio Woodworks.

I believe that the way I treat my customers sets my business apart from the rest. Customers like you are the sole reason that businesses like mine exist. Keeping you happy means being responsive to your needs and exceeding your expectations. I hope that you are able to recognize the hard work and love that I put into each piece and will share my business with your friends and families.